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Insurance 保險



1. Cathy Life Insurance Application  download insurance plan

International students are required to provide proof of personal health insurance or valid NHI card upon registration. For students without personal health insurance or valid NHI card may join the Cathy Life Insurance in Taiwan. The cost is NTD500 per month, and insurance fee will be included on the tuition fees payment invoice. If you want to apply for Cathy Life Insurance, please fill out the online application by the end of July (fall semester) or December (spring semester).

The following documents are required to apply for insurance claim: 

1. Compensation application form.     4. A photocopy of ARC & passport
2. Certificate of diagnosis        5. A photocopy of bank account passbook
3. The original receipts of payment.   6. Maximum coverage NTD1,000 per day. 


2. National Health Insurance
According to National Health Insurance Act, any international student continuously staying in Taiwan over six months is obligated to join the NHI. The cost is NTD 749 per month. The insurance fee will be included in the tuition fees payment invoice. Office of International Affairs will put you under NHI scheme once you are eligible for it. For more information, please visit National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare.


3. NSYSU Collective Student Insurance

The Office of Student Affairs provides every degree student in Taiwan with the "NSYSU Collective Student Insurance", the fee is included in the tuition bill, please refer to OSA's website for the insurance plan:,c13987-1.php?Lang=en




1. 國泰人壽保險申請要點  下載保單說明

1. 理賠申請書: 填寫基本資料     4. 居留證 & 護照影本
2. 醫院診斷書:必須蓋醫院及醫師章。  5. 存摺封面影本
3. 收據正本及醫療明細。   6. 每日一次理賠上限為新台幣1,000元


2. 全民健康保險
持有外僑居留證的外國學生,在臺連續居留滿6個月必須加入全民健康保險 (NHI)。全民健康保險費每月為新台幣749元,費用列入學校每學期學雜費繳款單內,外國學生需依學校繳費期限內完成繳費。國際處會在您符合資格後直接幫您加保。


3. 學生團體保險