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International Exchange Students





After completing the application package, which is the address that I am supposed to submit it to?

Please post the application forms to Room. 2004, Administration Building, No. 70, Lienhai Rd., Kaohsiung 80424 Taiwan, R.O.C.

When are the deadline for applying for fall semester and spring semester?

Applicants for Fall Semester (September ~ January): May 31st
Applicants for Spring Semester (February ~ June): November 30th

The application forms need the applicants to send a copy of proof of medical insurance, does this mean that we are required to purchase the insurance before being admitted?

Students could provide the medical insurance upon the registration or after receiving the acceptance of our exchange program.

For the field in the application form, which college would we prefer to enroll in, can we choose multiple options?

You could choose multiple options, but when we distribute you to one of the departments, it might not suit your major the best.
Therefore we suggest the students to choose one that suit your major the best when you are filling the application form.

Please check this website of our academic information to see which department gives the courses suit your major the most.





























Registration Procedures and Arrival



Can I apply for the exchange program directly to NSYSU, even if my home university has no exchange program with it?

Yes, you can apply for our school as a visiting student if you’re interested in coming to our school for one semester or one academic year.

When should I arrive Taiwan?

It is not necessary to arrive too early in Taiwan, as the dorms are almost empty during vacations. Students are advised to arrive prior the orientation day. One week can be necessary for students to get used to the climate— especially at the beginning of the fall semester, when the weather is extremely hot and humid.

What does the orientation day consist in? Is that compulsory?

The orientation day is not compulsory but highly recommend to any new students. It consists in a presentation of the university, the library facilities, the Visa procedures and the International students Association. Course selection is also explained. Finally, students are given an orientation tour on the campus.

What is a “buddy”?

A buddy is a NSYSU student who volunteers to help an international exchange student. The buddy can speak English and are helpful during the first times in Taiwan. For example, they can introduce the campus to the exchange student or help him to buy what he/ she needs to step in his/ her new life.































Scholarships and Spending



How much are the fees for one semester for foreign students

Please refer to the academic webpage of NSYSU with the latest tuition and fees standard from page 7 of the document.


There are Chinese courses in the exchange program- my home university do not necessarily let me get credits for Chinese. Do I need to pay to attend these courses?

Chinese courses in the exchange program are free of charge and are not compulsory, even if students are advised to attend them.  

Do I need to pay for Taiwan Health Insurance? How much is it? What are the benefits in enrolling in Taiwan Health Insurance system?

Students staying more than four months and processing an ARC are compulsory to register in Taiwan Health Insurance system. Health Insurance cards are provided around January or February. Health Insurance cards give access to free appointment with doctors and free treatments.

Is there any scholarship for international exchange students?

Exchange students cannot apply to any scholarship.



























Do I need to select my courses before arriving?

You do not need to select your courses prior your arrival in Taiwan. Two weeks of orientation and counseling are dedicated to course selection. During this period, you will get the chance to try different courses before choosing.

How many credits can exchange students take?

The maximum credits for one semester are 25.

When is the end of fall semester? The spring semester?

The fall semester ends in the end of January;

The spring semester ends in the end of June.

Are courses the same from a semester to another?

The required courses are usually the same each year while the selected ones might be different.

I have never studied Chinese before, can I take Chinese courses anyway?

NSYSU Chinese Language Center provides beginner level courses. Once registered, you will have to attend four hours of Chinese a week. (2 hours a day, twice a week)

I have studied Chinese before. How does the repartition between Chinese courses work?

If you have studied Chinese before, you will have to take a placement test, organized during the first week of orientation. This test helps evaluating the skills of the students to place them in the appropriate level group. However, students can be upgraded or downgraded if they judge the level of their group is not suitable.

What are the courses conducted in Mandarin or

When the courses are finalized, the students could check the website http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/smain.asp?eng=1 for all the courses taught in Chinese or English with or without checking the condition “ Course taught in English”.

Where can I find the link to check the courses available in the upcoming semester?

For checking the courses, please enter this website, http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/menu1/qrycrsfrm.asp?HIS=1&eng=1

The school finalizes the courses for fall semester in June, and the courses for spring semester will be finalized in November.

If I apply for Department of Business Management, am I allowed to take courses from other departments as well, e.g. department of finance?

Also, I am an undergraduate but some of the master level courses can be matched to the courses I am required to complete for my degree as well. Am I allowed to take them?

If you would like to take the courses given for graduate students of are given from the other departments, you could take the courses with the professors' permission.






















































How much is the accommodation on the campus?

The range of accommodation are NT$6150-NT$14800.

Are there mixed dorms?

There are no mixed dorms on the campus. Taiwanese dorms are divided between the male dorms(Wuling) and the female dorms(Tsuiheng). The international dorms are also divided between the girls’ aisle and the boys’ aisle. Men are strictly forbidden to go in ladies’ part.

Can I choose my roommate?

You cannot choose your roommate, as the international dorms are generally full and re-arrangements not easy. Nevertheless, it is possible to move once to the other room provided everyone agrees.



















Student Life



Where can I find the school calendar?

Please refer to the homepage of NSYSUàStudent Lifeà Academic Calendar.

What is the process of course selection?

We will provide our exchange students both the English and Chinese versions of course selection steps by e-mail before their arrivals to our school and we will even demonstrate the procedures to do the on-line course selection on the orientation day.

Where can I find the class selection schedule?

Please refer to the handbook that you will receive on the orientation day you can check the following link before arriving school.

How can I sign in and use the on-line course registration system?



Exchange student

student ID

9999 (pre-identified password)

Change of password

Log-in / click ‘Personal tool box’ / click ‘Correcting the registered password’

If I want to prolong my exchange duration in NSYSU, what should I do?

Please get the permission from your home university first and kindly ask your home university to provide us a formal document to agree your extend. After the administrative procedures are completed within our school, our office will offer you the related documents for you to extend or change your visa to legalize your study at our school.


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