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National Health Insurance (NHI)
  • All foreigners who have continuously stayed in Taiwan for more than six months and hold a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) are required to join the National Health Insurance Program.
  • NHI card will be issued once joined. Please take this card to the clinic or hospital at all times to avoid any unnecessary fees.


Degree students fee
       Degree students are required to pay in full upon registration at the beginning of each semester. The first (fall) semester include fees from September to February. The second (spring) semester includes fees from March to August. Premium is NT$749 per month.
Coverage and Benefits
  • The outpatient service, impatient care and drugs that are provided by the contracted medical care institutions in the case of illness, injury or childbearing.
  • The preventive health care, such as children's preventive health care, prenatal examinations and adult health examinations.
  • After receiving emergency treatment at a non-contracted medical institution in Taiwan or at medical institutions overseas, beneficiaries may subsequently apply to the BNHI for cash reimbursement of medical expenses paid out-of-pocket. Reimbursements are made according to the fee schedules published by the BNHI.
  • NHI English WEB  http://www.nhi.gov.tw/english/
Student Group Insurance
Premiums  (per semester)
Degree students: NT$256
Exchange students: NT$306
Please bring your Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)/passport, student ID, and signet to apply at the Guidance Division. Please follow the necessary procedures in applying for reimbursement:
To apply for medical treatment reimbursement, please submit original copy of the medical treatment report and original receipt from any one of the NHI contracted medical institutions.
To apply for disabled reimbursement, please submit the original copy of the report on the level of disability from any one of the NHI contracted medical institutions.
To apply for reimbursement for the insured missing, please submit original proof of missing.
To apply for outpatient reimbursement caused by accident, please submit original copies of the medical report and the receipt.