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Population: 2.9 million
Size: 2,946.2527 km2
      Kaohsiung City is located on the Southern coast of Taiwan. The city was declared as a Specialized Municipality in July, 1979. Known as the “Port City” in Southern Taiwan for its largest commercial harbor that ranks thirteenth in the world, Kaohsiung city has 38 administrative districts with approximately 2,9 Million in population.


      Kaohsiung used to be called “ Takau” or “Takou” and both names were used in the historical records of the Ming and Qing dynasties. "Takau" means "bamboo forest" in the language of the Makatao of the Pingpu Tribe, who used to live along Kaohsiung harbor before the 15th century. Both the Chinese and later the Japanese transferred the name "Takau" into their own languages: The Chinese referred to the city of "Takau" as 打狗 (pronunced "dagou", in English "hit the dog"), the Japanese used the signs 高雄 which are pronunced "Takao" in Japanese and "Kaohsiung" in Mandarin.

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      Kaohsiung International Airport has 9 airlines flying worldwide via more than 16 air routes to Hong Kong, Macau, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Singapore, Hanoi, Nagoya-shi, Kota Kinabalu, Bali, Seoul, Tokyo, and several cities in China.
Kaohsiung City has enjoyed convenient and rapid out-bound land transportation through the existing highway and railroad systems. Kaohsiung is an international transport hub with public mass transportation network such as High Speed Rail and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System (KRTS) to connect the south with the rest of the island.


Business and Population
      After more than ten years, Kaohsiung City has achieved a great deal in the hardware construction industry as well as the software construction industry, which has turned a desert into an oasis. Kaohsiung city is a bustling metropolis including business districts, five-star hotels, restaurants, and commercial centers. Major industries include Chinese Petroleum Corp. (Lin Yuan), China Steel Corporation, and China Shipbuilding Corporation.
    There are presently over 380,000 students, who account for 26.71 of the total population. Among them there are over 23,000 college students who account for 3.78% of the college students in our country.



College and Universities

       In addition to National Sun Yat-sen University, which nurtures top elites in science, marine science and business management, National Kaohsiung Normal University also takes up the responsibility of training teaching professionals. Kaohsiung Medical University, on the other hand, fosters excellent medical professionals and personnel for Southern Taiwan. More importantly, new universities will being integrated in the coming years, such as National University of Kaohsiung and Kaohsiung Catering Management College in order to offer accessible educational opportunities to the population in the communities nearby.






        Kaohsiung City regularly hosts a number of local and international events at the Kaohsiung Culture Center and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. A number of historical sites can also be found under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. Along the famous Love River where the sounds of music and scent of coffee fill the night air, there are also the Kaohsiung Municipal Film Archives, the Kaohsiung Museum of History, the Pier-2 Art Center, and the Kaohsiung Music Hall. Furthermore, there is also the Neiweipi Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Hakka Cultural Museum on Tong Meng Road.

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