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Dorm Service Center 宿服中心

Xiwan NSYSU Student House Rental Net 本校西灣租屋資訊網

Dorm Maintenance & Repair Application 宿舍維修登錄系統


Dorm fee is charged every semester within tuition fee except for winter and summer breaks.

宿舍費用每學期與學雜費一起徵收 (寒暑假除外)

But you have to pay the water and electricity fees separately every month (according to the usage).


OIA will send out a survey to investigate your needs for summer and winter stays as well as next semester at the end of every semester.


Please make sure you reply to it if you have the need of above accommodation.


Bills for winter and summer can be printed from NSYSU online bill printing system the end of semester and you have to pay the fee before the end of semester.