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[Latest Announcement] Applications for refrigerator storage licenses (student dorm rooms) will be open from September 4th!

Please read the following precautions carefully before applying:

1. Application for a permit to place a refrigerator in the dormitory must be signed and approved by all roommates.

2. Refrigerators that have not passed the application are regarded as illegal electrical appliances and shall not be placed in the dormitory. Violators will be punished in accordance with the second point of Article 27 of the "National Sun Yat-sen University Student Dormitory Management Points" and 5 violation points will be recorded for each item. In addition, illegal items must be moved out of the dormitory within two weeks. Those who have not moved out after re-examination will be credited continuously.

3. The size of the refrigerator placed in the dormitory is limited to 130 liters or less, and it must be an electrical appliance that has passed the national standards inspection of Taiwan.

4. If the refrigerator brought by a student causes damage to the dormitory circuits or equipment, or affects public safety, the student must make full compensation and bear legal responsibility.

5. The applicant must affix the license certificate to the refrigerator before placing/using the refrigerator in the dormitory. The refrigerator can only be placed in the applicant's dormitory and not in the public space of the dormitory.

6. Please fill out the application form and submit it to the Campus Housing Service Division (Dorm A)

7. Application deadline: 16:00 on September 18, 2023 (Monday). Late submissions won’t be accepted.

Management of Student Dormitories of National Sun Yat-sen University Article 27.pdf

Refrigerator license application form.pdf

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