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NSYSU 2023-2024 Fact Sheet

Please download it here. (updated: February 22, 2023)


Incoming Exchange Students


Nominee from Partner University (Tuition Fee Waiver)

Students who are currently enrolled in one of our partner universities, and were nominated to study at NSYSU for one semester or one academic year based on the bilateral agreement between the two institutions. The nominee will only need to pay tuition fees at their home universities.

Fee-paying Student (Free-mover)

Students who are currently enrolled in an overseas university and applying to study at NSYSU for one semester or one academic year by themselves. A fee-paying student should pay the tuition fees to both their home university and NSYSU.


Academic Calendar




1st Semester – Fall Semester



2nd Semester – Spring Semester







We offer a variety of courses to exchange students. Students should refer to the latest English-taught course lists and consult with their home universities to make their study plans in advance.


Course Features

Free Chinese language courses with 3 credits (4hrs per week). 

Water sports courses: yachting, windsurfing, diving, etc.


Course Regulations for Exchange Students:

  • Minimum credits to obtain: 3; Maximum credits to obtain: 25
  • Exchange students can choose courses from different departments/institutes, colleges, and study levels.
  • Part of the courses is only open to students who meet the course-taking requirements. Students who cannot meet the requirements can ask for the lecturers’ approval to register for the courses under Exceptional Circumstances.

*Above guidelines are subject to change and may be adjusted by each department/institute.


More information for courses>>>






Fee-paying Students

Nominated Students from Partner Universities

Administration Fee

NTD3,000  USD100



Tuition Fee

Approx. NTD55,000  USD1730

per semester

Yes No

Internet Fee

NTD300  USD10

per semester

Yes Yes

Dorm Fee

NTD7,500~17,000  USD235~535

per semester

Dorm Residents

NSYSU Student Group Insurance Fee

NTD326  USD11

per semester

Yes Yes


Tuition & Fees Standards>>>


Estimated living cost per month (exclude housing): NTD 10,000-12,000 ( ≈ USD 330-400)

Meals: NTD 7,000-9,000

Transportation: NTD 500-1,500

Textbook (per semester): NTD 5,000

*The estimation is the average spending of a typical student attending NSYSU. 

*USD is subject to change due to the exchange rate




On-campus Housing


Fees (per semester)

Furniture, Air-conditioning, Internet

Shared showers & restrooms

Shared Kitchen

Living Room

Mattress & Bedding

Twin Room

NTD17000 ≒ USD590

Yes Yes

Every Floor

Every Floor


Quad Room



Yes Yes

1F of International Dorm /

1F of Dorm L

No No


Students can apply to stay in the student dormitories when applying for the exchange program.

Pictures and further info>>>


Off-campus Housing Resources

Formosa Rent House


Students can refer to these websites recommended by our former exchange students for off-campus housing:

- Relocation Service Taiwan: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100045810176430

- K House: https://www.khouse.tw/en/house.aspx

*NSYSU does not guarantee the quality and safety of rentals on these sources.