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About Sun Yat-sen America Center

Sun Yat-sen America Center (SYSAC) is a regional resource in southern Taiwan for the study of, and collaboration with, the United States. SYSAC was established in 1999 between National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the only such center in Taiwan. The Mission of the Sun Yat-sen America Center is to strengthen the capabilities of academic, business, and social organizations in southern Taiwan to further their understanding of, and interactions with, the United States. The Center works with AIT to facilitate new collaborative linkages for the mutual benefit between southern Taiwan and the United States. 

To carry out this mission, the Sun Yat-sen America Center will undertake projects and program activities that will: 

˙Foster exchange programs on the campus of NSYSU and in the broader region where students and professionals from the United States can discuss issues of mutual interest with their counterparts in conferences, workshops, degree studies, and special programs.

˙Strengthen NSYSU’s resources for the study of and communication with the United States, especially through new media.

˙Enhance the teaching dimension throughout the university by creative uses of electronic(web-based) courseware in association with American universities that are also innovating in this area. Applications of new online academic course delivery could also be offered to employers in the region as e-training materials and services.

˙Promote NSYSU’s research and publication efforts in the general areas of American Studies by collaborating with other America-related organizations in Taiwan and abroad.

˙Establish and maintain relationships with locally-based American organizations, whether business, governmental or social non-profit entities, from which the center can benefit through its information and research services.

˙Communicate with other regional centers for American Studies broadly defined in order to increase mutual understanding between Asian and American societies.


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Contact Information

Tel:886-7-5252000 with extension


Director      Dr. Mitch Ming-Chi Chou
  mitch(at)faculty.nsysu.edu.tw    phone  ext. 2630

     VP Chou             

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,

University of Central Florida

Administrative Officer
  vivhwchung(at)mail.nsysu.edu.tw    phone  ext. 2633


Ms. Vivian Chung

Receive visitors from the United States

Organize American cultural, commercial, and political activities

Work together with the American Institute in Taiwan offices

to organize events and activities




Administrative Officer
  katiechen(at)mail.nsysu.edu.tw    phone  ext. 2634


Ms. Katie Chen

Organize Study in USA information sessions and related matters

Manage website

Work together with the American Institute in Taiwan offices

to organize events and activities