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About Sun Yat-sen America Center


Sun Yat-sen America Center (SYSAC) is an international academic institution, which was established in 1999 with resources from National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) and support from the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). The only American Center in all of Taiwan, the SYSAC is also one of the few institutes in Southern Taiwan having an international focus. In light of this, the Center’s mission is to work toward the improvement of the bilateral relations between America and Southern Taiwan and to foster a mutual understanding between the two countries. To broaden its reach, the SYSAC is open not only to university staff and students, but also all individuals from the public and private sectors. Some of the activities it has undertaken to this end are listed as follows:


  1. To improve the understanding of bilateral relations:
    For the purpose, an exhibition titled "American Footsteps in Southern Taiwan" is being organized by the SYSAC, the AIT, and Kaohsiung History Museum, to be held from March to May 2010.
  2. Introducing America to Southern Taiwan:
    • The Center organizes activities, seminars, and events on diverse US-related topics at the campus and the local community levels.
    • With the assistance of the American Culture Center, the SYSAC also provides online consultation services and scholarship information for those interested in studying in America.
    • Printed information about US universities and the US government is also available with the Center.
    • In addition, the SYSAC works with the Office of International Affairs of the University in administrating short-term study abroad and exchange programs.
  3. Introducing Southern Taiwan to America:
    • The Center provides assistance to the government, the AIT, and the universities involved when receiving American delegations on campus.
    • The SYSAC also publishes a bulletin called ‘’Southern Taiwan Viewpoint’’ on a sporadic basis, targeted at the American and international community in Taiwan with the hope of enhancing their understanding of Southern Taiwan.

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Contact Information

Tel:886-7-5252000 with extension


Director      Dr. Chih-Wen Kuo
    ext. 2630


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,

University of Texas at Austin

Executive Secretary
    ext. 2633


Ms. Vivian Chung

Receve visitors from the United States

Organize American cultural, commercial, and political activites

Work together with the American Institute in Taiwan offices

to organize events and activities




Executive Secretary
    ext. 2634


Ms. Katie Chen

Organize Study USA information sessions and related matters

Manage website

Work together with the American Institute in Taiwan offices

to organize events and activities