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Step 1: Confirm Your Study Status and Application Process


Nominee from Partner University (Tuition Fee Waiver)

Students currently enrolled in one of our partner universities nominated to study at NSYSU for one semester or one academic year based on the bilateral agreement between the two institutions. The nominee will only need to pay tuition fees at their home universities.

Fee-paying Student (Free-mover)

Students currently enrolled in an overseas university and apply to study at NSYSU for one semester or one academic year at their own expense. A fee-paying student should pay the tuition fees to their home university and NSYSU.






Deadline: April 20

Deadline: November 20


March 15 – April 30

October 15 – November 30


April 30 – May 15

November 30 – December 15

Letter of Acceptance Delivery / VISA Application



Information on Dorm Application, Course Selection, Orientation




Step 2: Online Application


Online Application Portal


Application System


Required Documents:

  • Nomination Letter (for nominees from partner universities) or Administration Fee Payment Receipt (for fee-paying students)
  • Enrollment Certificate (English version) 
  • Latest Academic Transcript (English version)
  • Copy of ID Photo (a headshot with the size of 3.5x4.5cm / plain background)
  • Copy of Passport (Valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay in Taiwan.) 
  • Medical Enduring Power of Attorney: An authorization document for NSYSU staff to act on behalf of the student in emergencies. The form can be downloaded on the application system. 



* The result will be shared within 1 month after the application period ends.

For fee-paying students only: Administration Fee Payment Instructions>>>



 Step 3: VISA / Travel Insurance / Medical Examination



All admitted exchange students should apply for a VISA after receiving the Letter of Acceptance.

  • Requirements for visa application (in general):

One-semester Students (Visitor Visa): https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-158-4342-a78b4-2.html

One-year Students (Resident Visa): https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-166-284-6f5f7-2.html

  • Contact the Taiwanese representative office (embassy) in your country/region for the most up-to-date information.
  • You are suggested not to make any financial commitments, travel, or accommodation plans before receiving a visa.


Travel Insurance

Students are requested to purchase overseas travel insurance with medical and accident policies that cover the duration of their stay in Taiwan. The insurance plan in English or Chinese version must be submitted upon registration.


Health Examination

All exchange students are required to complete a health examination before coming to Taiwan.

One-semester students: Health Certificate for Short-Term Students (Form C)

One-year students: Health Certificate - Form B

A copy (physical or digital) of the certificate must be submitted upon or before registration days.


For further information about pre-arrival preparation, please refer to Current Students > Exchange Students.