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Credit and Grading System

Every 18 hours is counted as 1 credit. If the total class hour during a semester is 54 hours, the course is a 3-credits course.

Letter grading system Percentage evaluation system
Grade Grade Point Grade Grade Point
A+ 4.3 90~100 95
A 4.0 85~89 87
A- 3.7 80~84 82
B+ 3.3 77~79 78
B 3.0 73~76 75
B- 2.7 70~72 71
C+ 2.3 67~69 68
C 2.0 63~66 65
C- 1.7 60~62 61
D 1.0 50~59 55
E 0.8 40~49 45
F 0 less than 39 (incl.) 20
X 0 0 0

Passing grade Minimum credits to obtain Maximum credits to obtain
B- for graduate student
C- for undergraduate student
3 credits for both 15 credits for graduate student
25 credits for undergraduate student

Chinese Language Course


Degree Students

Reminders for Degree Students:

Time: Monday and Wednesday 12:10-14:00

* No credits will be offered.

* Registration survey for next semester will be sent out before the end of current semester. (Students MUST reply registration survey before certain deadline)

* Any student who is absent for more than 26 hours (total hours are 54 hours per semester) will not be able to apply for next semester.


Exchange Students

We offer 4hrs Mandarin courses per week without charge for exchange students. The course is a 3-credits course.

Students must apply for the Chinese language course at time of exchange program application.

Students who have learned Chinese before and wish to enroll in Chinese language course are required to take placement tests upon arrival. The Chinese Language Center will arrange students to appropriate levels according to the test result. Beginners class for exchange students will be arranged on every Tuesday & Thursday 12:10 - 14:00.

Preparatory Language Course for Incoming Students: Students could choose to join the fee-paying program offered by the Chinese Language Center