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[轉知] Yonsei University 2020-2021 Winter Abroad at Yonsei - 韓國延世大學2020-2021 冬季學校 (11/13截止)

Program location│Seoul, Korea

Pre-requuisites│Minimum GPA - 2.15/4.3

Program period

- Session 1: Winter Abroad at Yousei 28th December, 2020 – 18th January, 2021

- Session 2: Yousei Winter Session   28th December, 2020 – 19th January, 2021

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FeesApplication fee】: KRW 100,000

【Tuition fee】: KRW 1,000,000/per session

*** Students who complete their application during Early Registration Period (Sep 3 - Oct 5) will receive the Early Enrollment Benefit [KRW 100,000].

Applications must be complete with online application as well as the non-refundable application fee (KRW100,000) and an official transcript.


Application deadline October 31, 2020 for Early enrollment benefit

November 13, 2020 for Application deadline and payment due date

How to apply: Email個人資訊至oia.outbound@mail.nsysu.edu.tw後,將另提供填寫報名表資訊

(含1. 中文姓名、2. 與護照相同之英文姓名、3. 就讀系所、4. 學號、5. 手機號碼、6. 符合要求之歷年成績單電子檔)

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