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[轉知] University of Mannheim MBS Online Winter School 2021-德國曼漢大學 2021 線上寒假課程 (校內11/15截止)

This winter, a unique opportunity opens for students to expand their horizons: an online study experience at Germany’s best business school in Mannheim!

The MBS Online Winter School is the counterpart to our MBS Online Summer School and will take place from January 4th - 22nd in a purely online format.

Students will...

meet graduate and advanced undergraduate business students from all over the world in online classes,
benefit from a world-class faculty,
become acquainted with German business practices and culture,
delve into one of the world’s largest and most successful economies,
network with business experts from leading global companies

MBS Online Winter School at a Glance

Time of program: January 4th - January 22nd, 2021
Target group: graduate and advanced undergraduate business students
Number of participants: maximum of 25 students per module
Structure: three modules taking place one after another (can also be attended individually)
Form of assessment: active class participation, in-class examination
Credits: 3 ECTS per module
Language: English
Application deadline: November 30th, 2020


Total fee for booking one module:    EUR 490
Total fee for booking two modules:   EUR 890
Total fee for booking three modules:   EUR 1.290

Prices are per person and include value-added tax.

We currently assume that the MBS Online Winter School will take place as planned. If we will have to cancel it due to a lack of participants, Mannheim Business School will reimburse the complete participation fee. Mannheim Business School will not be held responsible for any other financial damage caused for a participant by a cancellation.

Students can apply for either one or more modules to be part of the unique online winter school experience. They should apply via our online form here.

More information about the program, fees and organizational matters can be found

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