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[轉知] Kedge International Digital Winter School on Disruptive Technologies & Modern Management

An immersive programme dedicated to Technologies, Management and Innovation

Kedge International Digital Winter School offers international students the chance to gain a handle on the Disruptive Technologies shaping the landscape of modern business - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence - and more importantly, learn how to make sense of these emerging and innovative technologies.

In order to allow as many international students as possible to participate, the programme will be conducted online.

Date: January 4th to January 15th 2021

- Course 1: January 4-8, Data Management
- Course 2: January 11-15, Creating customer value with innovative technologies

The International  Digital Winter School programme includes:
- 2 courses, corresponding to 30 hours of classes and the delivery of 5 ECTS per course
- Interactive classes
- Live and asynchronous sessions
- Coaching & feedbacks from our professors
-  A virtual business visit to a company using these cutting edge technologies (TBC)
- Access to our digital learning environment and associated tools
- Access to our digital library
- Official Course Transcripts and a Certificate

All courses are delivered in English by top, international faculty, are formally evaluated and lead to official course transcripts and a certificate of completion

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