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2021-2022 Outgoing Exchange Program Brochure (Japan & China areas excluded)

National Sun Yat-sen University

2021-2022 Outgoing Exchange Program Brochure (Japan & China areas excluded)



1. Definition of Exchange Student

   "Exchange students" refer to students that:

   a) have passed the international exchange student selection process of NSYSU;

   b) are then nominated by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to the exchange universities; and

   c) have been granted admission by the exchange universities. 

   Exchange students study one or two semesters at the exchange university while paying tuition and fees at NSYSU.

2. Qualifications

  1. Applicants must be NSYSU's first to fourth-year undergraduate or first to second-year master students. Students in their deferred graduation years or who have been admitted as working professionals are not eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must have passed the minimum English certification threshold and meet the language proficiency requirements of the exchange university, as detailed below:

- Applicants must pass the minimum English certification threshold:  TOEFL iBT 60 / IELTS 5.0 / TOEIC 600 at least

- The language proficiency certificate must remain valid during the then-current selection period.

- Please note that each exchange university's language proficiency requirements might differ from year to year.

  1. Applicants must have good academic grades and no record of misconduct.

3. Application

   (1) Online application

   (2) Application period: from 9:00 am (Mon.) 16th November, 2020 till 5:00 pm (Fri.) 4th December, 2020 (lDocuments submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.).

   (3) To fulfill the application process, applicants should complete BOTH the online application and submit all the paper document before the deadline to Ms. Maxine Hsu of OIA (Room #2004, 2nd floor of Admin. building).

   (4) Document to submit (please placed in the following order, binding is not necessary):




Application Form

(1) Complete the online application.

(2) if you have more than one English proficiency test reports, place the higher one in the first column. please refer to the  (English Proficiency Test Score Conversion Table)

(3) Make sure to the information of Email and phone no. are correctly provided.

(4) Print out in A4 size with a personal recent taken photo attached.


Check list

* Applications without photocopy of both ID/passport and Student ID will not be accepted.

(1) Print it out after completing the online application.

(2) Attach photocopy of both ID/passport and Student ID on the space below and tick the grid.

(3) Have a registered stamp on the photocopy of Student ID at the Office of Academic Affairs (6F, Admin. building).






Official Transcript

(1) One original Official Transcript of Academic Record of each year of undergraduate or master study (available at the Office of Academic Affairs).

(2) Students from 1st year of master level, please submit the transcript of bachelor period; students from 1st year of bachelor level, please submit the transcript of senior high school period;

(2) Students submitting transcript report issued by a university other than NSYSU are required to ask the alma to annotate the average rankings in the class (e.g. ranking 3rd/58 students in the class). Transcript issued by NSYSU do not require ranking annotation.


Language proficiency

* Students failing to provide English proficiency are not eligible to apply.

Provide the original copy (for verification) and photocopy of English proficiency. English test taken should be within the last two years (afterr March 1, 2019).

(1) English proficiency provided should meet the requirement from partner universities; if one do not demand for any, student shall meet the basic English requirement of NSYSU: TOEFL iBT score of 60 (or IELTS score of 5.0, or TOEIC score of 600) at least.

(2) If the proof of other language proficiency (e.g. Korean, French, German or Spanish) is required, please do provide as well.


Supporting documentations

* No score will be given for this section if supporting document is not provided.

(1) download here, print out in A4 size with photocopy of all the supporting document related.

(2) Proof of awards in academic or competitions, certificate or photo in volunteer services, proof of participation in student club etc.. The proofs from high school period may include.


Study plan

* No score will be given for this section if study plan is not provided.

(1) Personal Study Plan(click to download)

(2) The study plan may include the following topics: a). a brief description of courses plan to take during exchange period; b). how this institution/university will help you to achieve your study period goals.


Exchange destination preference form

(1)  for undergraduate level for master level

     Reference: University-Level,

                College of Management Level

(2) Applicants are advised to visit the websites of universities offering exchange programs, read closely the information about each university: a) is there suitable courses match your study plan; b) make sure to meet the language requirement.

(3) The order of the priorities are unchangeable after submit to OIA. Applicants are strongly advised to consider carefully before prioritizing the universities of choice.


4. Duration of Exchange

The departure time may star from September 2021 or February 2022;

The exchange period may be one semester or one academic year (2 semesters), depending on the regulations of each partner universities.

The departure time and the exchange period are unchangeable after the priority list is submitted.


5. Qualification for Each Exchange University

(1) Please do check reference information of each exchange university provided above before submitting application documents.

(2) The intake number for the exchange programs will vary each semester/academic year. Please apply according to the announcements made each year. In the cases of intake number changes, please refer to the announcements made on our website


6. Selection Process and Result Announcement


(1) Preliminary Review: The Office of International Affairs (OIA) shall appoint 3 faculty members from different colleges who have experience in international exchanges to serve on the Preliminary Review Commitee.

(2) Secondary Review: Applicants must be reviewed by a Secondary Review Commitee with the President as the convener and the Senior Vice President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of International Affairs, and dean of each college as ex officio members.


(1) Selection Result Announcement: The 1st stage of selection result will be announed around first week of January. The admitted students must submit either the "Admission Consent Letter" or the "Withdrawal Statement" before the deadline. Those who (1) agree on the choice or (2) wait for an available position as a reseave candidate for a different university according to their given order, shall submit the "Admission Consent Letter". Thsoe who are unsatisfied with the choice and decide to forfeit, shall submit "Withdrawal statement". The admitted students forfeiting at this stage can apply the second round of selection in May or the exchange selection for next academic year held by OIA.

(2) 2nd stage of selection resutls will be announced after vacancies will be filled by candidates on the waiting list. The students on the waiting list must mubmit either the "Admission Consent Letter" or "Withdrawal Statement" before the deadline. Students forfeiting at this stage can apply the second round of selection in May or the excahnge selection for next academic year held by OIA.

(3) Applicants who are eligible but were not admitted due to insufficient number of preferences, can re-submit Exchange Destination Preference Form based on vacancies.

(4) Final selection result will be announced around in the end of January. please note that Students forfeiting after final selection result will be also forfeiting their rigths for participation in future OIA exchange programs.

(5) Nationals of Taiwan (Republic of China) shall be given priority in the final list of students recommended for the program.


7. Obligations of Students Attending Overseas Exchange Programs

(1) Before going abroad, exchange students should purchase necessary overseas insurance (including accident, travel, medical treatment insurance, etc.) that covers their entire overseas stay.

(2) Exchange students should take and pass at least two courses (one of which should be a subject course related to the students' major at NSYSU) each semester during their exchange period.

(3) Upon departure, taiwanese students much update their travel status with the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. at its website (https://www.boca.gov.tw/).

(4) Students are required to maintain close contact with their family members and the OIA throughout the exchange period. They must report their safety status to the OIA at the beginning, in the middle, and at the conclusion of each semester (term). Students must ensure that their email addresses on file with NSYSU are valid, as the university will forward all pertinent messages or bulletins to them via email. Students are advised to check their inbox regularly so as not to miss any important message

(4) After returning to Taiwan, exchange students should submit a report of their overseas experience (in both Chinese and English; however, only Chinese version is required from students exchanging to China) to be uploaded to the OIA's website for public view. Also, students are expected to share their experience in promotion activities held by the OIA

(5) Upon completion of the exchange, studetns will be given a due date by which they must submit a report on their exchange experience. The report shall be written in Chinese for those who went to China on exchange and in both Chinese and English for all other countries. These reports will be made available on the OIA website as references. Students are encouraged to participate in on-campus events orgainized by the OIA to promote exchange programs.

(6) If for any reason an exchange student must shorten or extend the exchange period, a request must be duly sumitted to and approved by their department/institute, the OIA, and the exchange university.

(7) Exchange students are required to re-register at NSYSU upon completion of the exchange program. They may sign a power of attorney to entrust a third-party to complete the necessary procedures for them if they are unable to do so in person. if for any reason a student is unable to return to the university by the registration period for the subsequent semester, a writeen statement as well as a signed affidavit to that effect must be duly submitted to the OIA to absolve the university from any liability for the student's personal safety.

(8) Exchange students who duly perform the aforementioned obligations prior to, during, and upon completion of the exchange shall be issued a Cerfiticate of Exchange by the OIA. Students who fail to perform these obligations shall not receive the sad certificate.

8. Other notes

(1) Students officially become an exchange student at the university once an admission notification is received.

(2) All students accepted to participate in outgoing exchange programs are required to apply for visas, select courses, apply for transfer of credits, purchase flight tickets, take insurance for overseas stay, and acquire information about the host countries on their own.

(3) Some of the partner universities do not guarantee of dormitory, but will provide housing information for students to make their accommodation arrangements.

(4) Must be full-time, matriculated students in NSYSU during exchange period. Suspension or Withdrawal from NSYSU during exchange period is not accepted.

(5) Applicants who fail to submit language certificate(s) are ineligible for the program.

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