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[Forward] "Academic English Program for Researchers" @Koc University

Program locationİstanbul Türkiye

Program periodJuly 15th-25th, 2020

PurposeThis program is designed for faculty members, Master’s and PhD students and researchers who aim to improve their English language skills, academic and article writing skills and their skills for teaching in English by integrating education technologies.

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English Language Requirements

Applicants will be expected to have CEFR B1+ level or higher in order to take benefit from the structure of this program to the fullest.
Each candidate will be asked to take an Online English Test to specify his/her current level. After taking the rest, candidates will be informed regarding program participation based on the suitability of attending this program

Program Fees

Total program fee for Summer 2020 is 7,800 TL.

Total program fee includes courses, classroom materials and accommodation for a shared room (with shared bathroom). The program fee for participants who do not wish to use on-campus accommodation is 4,950 TL.

Note: Total fee does not include meals. Participants may approximately spend 35-45 TL per day (based on their needs and/or habits) at our Student Center to buy food/drinks.

Discount Rates

The following program fee discount rates will apply:

  • If the applicant is a current student and/or alumni of Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKF) schools or if the applicant has a first-degree relative (Mother, father, and/or siblings) who attended or is attending a VKF school 10% discount rate applies,
  • If the applicant or his/her first-degree relative is a Koç Group employee or an active KoçAilem member, 10% discount rate applies
  • If the applicant or his/her first-degree relative is a Koç University employee, 20% discount rate applies.

Note: Two discount rates cannot be used at the same time. If more than one discount type is valid for the applicant, higher rate will be applied.

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