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Spring 2020 - IBMBA/GHRM Courses Application Procedures



Application procedures for Undergraduate Students:


Date& Time

Submit the application documents to office 4051 at College of Management


9AM, 2020/02/21~

5PM, 2020/03/04

Result Announcement



Submit the signed exceptional circumstances form (signed by the applicants and the department they belong to) to the Office 4051 at College of Management


9AM, 2020/03/13~

2PM, 2020/03/16

**The signed forms would be sent to the professors for signatures and sent to the curriculum division directly.



Required application documents for Undergraduate Students:

(1)Declaration form (Please download here):  Please fill out the form electronically and one form for one course only. 

(2)Academic Transcripts of records from your home university

(3)The reason that you need to take the IBMBA /GHRM MBA courses or Learning Agreement



For master exchange students who would like to take IBMBA and GHRM MBA courses,

they need to wait until the exceptional circumstances period to add the course and ask the professors to sign their forms directly. 

No need to submit the application form to the International Relations office.

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