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[News] 2020 Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarship Application is Now Available.

2020 Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarship Application is Now Available


1. Applicants' eligibility is based on "Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarship Guidelines"(see attachment 1).

2. Degree-seeking international students enrolled at NSYSU but those who are going to graduate this semester/ year, dual degree program students and exchange students are not eligible for applying.

3. 80% in a percentage grading system from last semester & enthusiastic about cultural exchange and community service.

4. Without any government scholarships and NSYSU scholarships.


(1). For master degree and PhD degree students, if you did not take course last semester, then you will not be eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Application requirements:

1. Application form (see attachment 2)

2. Transcript in Chinese from fall 2019

3. Proof of community service or cultural exchange activities.


(1). Participating in social or cultural activities which hosted by Kaohsiung City Government or Government Organization: 0.5 points per hour (up to 20 points per activity), maximum points for total activities are 40 points.

(2). International students who are from the sister cities of Kaohsiung (see attachment 3) will get 30 points (from non-sister cities only gets 10 points).


Duration of Scholarship: August 2020~July 2021 (Maximum NTD3000 per month)


*The application and required documents must be delivered in person to Office of International Affairs (OIA) before 15 June 2020.

**Applications received after the deadline will not be processed.





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