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e-Program at ITS Indonesia for Fall Semester 2020


As part of efforts to maintain international collaboration as well as quality of education during this challenging time of global pandemic, ITS Surabaya is launching a series of e-programs for Semester 1, 2020/21 which will start in September 2020.

The e-programs consists of online guest lecture programs, collaborative online international learning, and virtual student mobility programs.

For the guest lecture programs, ITS Surabaya runs the following:

  1. Global Learning Program (GLP). This program integrates guest lectures into general courses for the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) at ITS, such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, among others. Students are expected to gain broader insights related to their courses.
  2. Guest Lecture Series (GLS). This guest lecture series covers any topics of interest and can be related to any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The guest lecture will be matched with existing courses and relevant departments at ITS related to the guest lecture topic.
  3. Researcher and Research Student Enrichment Program (R2SEP). This is a research skills-oriented program for both ITS and non-ITS audiences, and guest lecturers are invited to deliver talks on enhancing research skills.

In addition to guest lecture programs, ITS Surabaya provides teaching collaborations in the form of:

  1. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). In this collaboration, two courses from each collaborating institutions are paired and run jointly with a team-teaching scheme, with students coming from both institutions. The COIL scheme will be considered as student and lecturer mobility.
  2. Lecturer Mobility. lecturers at ITS will have international exposure through teaching in their partner universities, and vice versa lecturers and professors from abroad can teach together with ITS faculty members in any of our participating courses.

For students, or partner universities seeking to collaborate in student mobility, following programs are provided:

  1. e-Exchange. Students from partner universities can be registered at ITS as exchange students, and enroll into courses at ITS conducted online through MOOC for one semester (we offer interesting benefits for the student).
  2. e-Internship. Students from partner universities can be registered at ITS Surabaya as an internship student and conduct an online internship program at participating laboratories in ITS. (we offer interesting benefits for the student).
  3. e-Short program. One of our highlighted short program, CommTECH (Community and Technological Camp), has been consistently run with great success. During the pandemic, we continue to run CommTECH and other short programs in an online manner. We have planned to employ innovative techniques to try maintaining the student experience factor of these short programs. This program is available any time and not attached to the semester period.


For more information on these programs, including benefits for the guest lecture program participation, please visit: https://www.its.ac.id/international/e-program or enclosed posters and booklet.

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