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Fall 2020 Monkey Ecological Tour - Call for Participants! 獼猴生態導覽開放報名!





This monkey tour is aimed at understanding the ecology of Taiwan macaques and learning how to get along with and react to them.

During the tour, there will be a one-hour lecture about the ecology and habits of Taiwan macaques and hiking. 


導覽回顧 Pictures of previous tours: https://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1308-20596.php?Lang=en


Date : October 16th (FRI.) 十月十六日(五)

Time : 9:30AM-12:00PM

Place : ShouShan Trail 壽山登山步道

Participants : NSYSU international student - 10 seats / local students - 10 seats

本校國際學生 - 限額10位; 本地學生-限額10位


Only 20 seats available. First come first serve. 僅20個名額,額滿為止

Registration Fee (報名費用) : NT$50 

The OIA will pay for the lecture fee for you. 國際處將協助繳付導覽費用。 


Registration Deadline (報名截止時間) : 2020/10/8 (Thu.) 17:00

Online Registration: https://forms.gle/2yWWAZaUv4vcJCkXA


*** Registration will only be confirmed once you pay the NT$50 to Ms. Hana Ting(AD2004). Please bring the exact amount!.***

填寫完線上資料後需至國際處 AD2004 繳付報名費用以完成報名!國際處不找零,請帶剛好的零錢。


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