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NSYSU Guidelines for Subsidizing International Activities Organized by International Students

To promote campus internationalization and foster exchanges between local and international students, National Sun Yat-sen University has formulated the attached guidelines for international students to organize international festivities and cultural activities. Matters not covered in the guildelines shall follow the announcement by the Office of International Affairs.


  • All international students currently enrolled in the University are eligible to apply (International degree students, International exchange students, and Overseas Compatriot students).
  • Eligibilities and principles:

A. Memorial events and cultural activities of national importance held on campus, including religious holidays, cultural celebrations, and traditional art performances.

B. The aforementioned activities must be held in public and primarily for the University's students and faculty members.

C. The aforementioned activities must be attended by at least 10 participants, five of which shall be Taiwanese.

D. Each student may apply for a subsidy once per semester.

E. Activities of the same or similar nature may only be subsidized once per semester.

F. Each activity may be subsidized for up to NT$ 5,000, covering venue rentals, printing fees, dining, part-time wages, insurance premiums, lecture fees, etc.

  • Application period: Applications shall be submitted between the 1st and 15th day of each month. To make sure your application can be reviewed in time, please submit the applications 60 days prior to the activity.
  • Application documents (please find the form attached):

A. The Subsidy Application Form for International Activities

B. A proposal (up to two A4 sheets of paper) stating the activity's motivation, objective, time, venue, contents, estimated number of participants, estimated budget, and expected outcomes.

  • Students who are granted a subsidy shall submit an outcomes report (up to two A4 sheets of paper) along with the original copies of all receipts and at least 2 photos/videos which clearly present the outcomes of the activity to your program coordinator for review within 30 days after the subsidized activity.


Please submit the application and outcomes report to your program coordinator:

International Degree Students: Ms. Christine Yen (oia_degree[AT]mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

Overseas Compatriot Students: Ms. HuiChing Yap (yap[AT]mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

International Exchange Students: Ms. Hana Ting (oia.exchange[AT]mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

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