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International Business Bachelor Program (IBBA) signed a progression Agreement with the UK's University of Essex to cooperate bachelor and bachelor+master double-degree programs


The College of Management, NSYSU was promoted from the 3 Palmes League to the 4 Palmes League in 2019, signifying the College has significant international influence, and listed as one of the 1000 best business schools in the world. The College has been promoting the internationalization of the school for many years. At the moment, there are more than 10 international faculties from the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and others. In addition, the College of Management has 81 sister schools all over the world and signed 14 double degree programs.

To promote students’ multicultural experiences and encourage international mobility, the College has established International Business Bachelor Program (IBBA) and start to accept admission and admit 45 students each year, including 30 domestic students and 15 international students since year 2021. The program is, fully taught in English, designed to cultivate talents with cross-border mobility, solid knowledge of business management, cross-cultural communication and management skills. The program focuses on 3M, namely “mutual understanding”, “mobility”, and “migration” of skilled labor, through a flexible, cross-disciplinary, and cross-border course-taking mechanism.

Students who completed foundation courses in business management and cross-cultural communication in the first and second years can choose to pursue a one-year exchange study abroad with one of our partner schools or earn a dual degree in a two-year period to familiarize themselves with the cross-cultural learning or work environment. International students can also choose to bridge to the professional programs in international business, information management and financial management programs offered by the College of Management.

IBBA has just reached a dual degree agreement with the University of Essex in the UK, providing students with the opportunity to explore all corners of the world. The College will continue to cooperate and sign dual degree partnerships with prestigious universities in Europe and the United States to provide students with opportunities for in-depth study and cross-border learning opportunities to nurture international business talents.

Any inquiry, please contact Ms. Angie Tu and Mrs. Cindy Lin by emailing ibba@cm.nsysu.edu.tw or phone +886-75252000 ext. 4560. You may also feel free to look at its website for more information https://reurl.cc/l59Ldj

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