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Invitation to「HAHN and NSYSU Forum on Nationalism」(Nov 14-Nov/16)

The Office of International Affairs and Si Wan College invite you to participate in the “HAHN and NSYSU Forum on Nationalism,” sponsored by the Open Society University Network (OSUN) and co-organized by The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities, Bard College (HAC) and National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU). Hosted by Walter Russell Mead, the Forum will feature robust conversations on two subjects: the differences between nationalism as it is understood in Europe and nationalism as it is understood in other parts of the world – particularly in Asia; and nationalism in the Chinese-Taiwanese context specifically. You are welcome to engage in vigorous discussions with notable scholars and columnists from Hudson Institute, Atlantic Council, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Washington Post, Bard College, etc.

Monday, November 14 (11F, Info-Library Building)

[14:00] Broad Panel Discussion on the Role of Nationalism

[17:00] Moderated Discussion on Nationalism in Taiwan and Asia (With Rwei-Ren Wu, Academia Sinica)

Tuesday, November 15 (11F, Info-Library Building)

[10:00] Moderated Discussion on Nationalism in Europe (With Francois Heisbourg, International Institute for Strategic Studies)

[14:00] Moderated Discussion on Nationalism in India and South Asia (With Ram Madhav, Member of the Board of Governors of India Foundation)

Wednesday, November 16 (Conference Room, 2F, Marine Sports Center)

[10:00] Talk: Nationalism and Open Society

Free registration: https://forms.gle/4pk8G4nwJjyEJg3Q8


Office of International Affairs, NSYSU


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