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[Announcement] The admission result for Spring 2023 is now available on the application website.

Dear all,

The admission result for Spring 2023 is now available on the application website.

If your "admission result" is "admitted", please log into the application system to reply the acceptance, new student survey and download the "Letter of Acceptance" (please make sure to upload the signed Medical Enduring Power of Attorney or you will not be able to download Letter of Acceptance) before December 22 (11:59 P.M., Taiwan time).

** NSYSU scholarship result has been announced on OIA webpage for prospective students (Please click the link and check the list to see whether you are awarded or not).

You can download the Pre-arrival handbook for more NSYSU information in the system.


{OIA will send out more information related to "entry and quarantine measures due to COVID-19" once we get the confirmed and updated information from MOE or CECC for international degree students by Taiwan government authorities.}


**Important Schedule** (More information will be sent to you soon!)

1. The earliest date to move into the dorm: February 7 (For students who are already in Taiwan).

(Please kindly note for students who are going to enter Taiwan from other countries and has reigstered to stay in the dorm during your study for Spring 2023 need to finish 7-day self-initiated epidemic prevention before moving into the dorm)

2. Orientation and Chinese Class Placement Test: February 10 (to be confirmed).


 --If your "admission result" is "waiting", please wait until the confirmation email which OIA sent on December 23 to reply to the acceptance.--

(If you did not receive the email, it means you are not accepted. For applicants who did not receive the email but still reply to the accpetance, it will consider as "disqualified")

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