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《Slow Coast》Marketing Ambassador Recruiting [Deadline: September 18]


《頭城五漁鐵 slow coast》  行銷代言人 - 在臺國際生招募計畫 

《Slow Coast》Marketing Ambassador: Recruiting Plan of International Students in Taiwan




尋找40位具有校園影響力並活躍於社群媒體之五大洲國際學子成為《頭城五漁鐵 slow coast》國際踩線團員,規劃2天1夜主題性踩線遊程,走訪頭城五個漁村「外澳」、「梗枋」、「大溪」、「大里」、「石城」。


這21公里的海岸線展現地方豐厚的人文底蘊與地景風貌,是匯集自然與漁業的海岸、是休憩與低碳的海岸,也是故事的海岸。期待透過國際生之視角,將在地漫遊、海岸線慢活,使國際旅人的心靠岸,運用新媒體影像傳遞之形式,將 「頭城五漁鐵」  之美傳遞出去,成為最在地的行銷代言人 .ᐟ.ᐟ.ᐟ


Slow Coast: the museum of mountain, sea, and fishing village culture》


We are looking for international students, who are influential on campus and active on social media to be our Slow Coast Marketing Ambassador. Within the two days trip, we will be visiting five fishing villages in Taiwan, naming: Waiao, Genfang, Daxi, Dali, and Shicheng.


This 21-kilometer coastline unveils the rich tapestry of local heritage and natural beauty. It is a convergence of nature and the fishing industry, a place of relaxation and sustainability, and most importantly, a shoreline brimming with stories.


We eagerly anticipate that, through the lens of international students, our coastal wanderings and slow-paced shoreline living will anchor the hearts of global travelers. Utilizing the form of new media imagery, we aim to transmit the beauty of the "Slow Coast" to the world, becoming the most authentic ambassadors of our locality.


Registration and more information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfw2zIylFwHxEKK-2R7egvJShQsM08dih1jqsez2KE5RQH6DQ/viewform

Registration deadline: September 18th

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