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NOTICE! For Master students who entered in fall 2019 and spring 2020, please click here!

Tuition & Fees (semester)  

Degree Fee
Doctoral TWD 53,760-63,560 (USD 1,792-2,119)
Master TWD 49,460-63,560 (USD 1,649-2,119)
Bachelor TWD 49,460-57,880 (USD 1,649-1,929)

Scholarship Duration
Doctoral Upon obtaining the “Consent Form” from advisor or department chair (no limitation of student number for each faculty) when submitting application for degree program, student will be GRANTED one of the following:
Type A:
  1. Tuition waiver (funding from Office of International Affairs note1);
  2. Monthly stipend of TWD15,000 (≒USD500) for the 1st semester. For the following semesters, student is required to submit application to department office for review (funding from the Office of Academic Affairs, matching fund is not required from advisor or department note2).
Type B:
  1. Including No. 1 and 2 of Type A and on-campus student dormitory fee waiver (availability limited, granted by reviewing committee).
Max. 3 years, granted upon submission.

Performance assessment reviewed each semester.
Master Tuition waiver (funding from Office of International Affairs) Max. 2 years, granted upon submission.
Academic performance reviewed each semester.
(GPA 3.38 or 80%)
Bachelor Monthly stipend of TWD6,000 (≒USD200) Max. 4 years, approved yearly.
Academic performance reviewed each semester.
(GPA 2.44 or 70%)
*All scholarship are granted on a semester by semester basis.
*Recipients are granted scholarships for the subsequent semester provided academic standards are met.
  1. Based on the “National Sun Yat-sen University Regulations on Scholarships for International Students” and the results of the scholarship review committee.
  2. Based on the “Regulations for the International Elite Doctoral Student Entrance Scholarship Fund.”
*The amount and quota of the scholarship are subjected to minor change due to budget constraint and the number of applicants.
PhD Consent Form
Recommendation Letter template


How to apply New students Current students
(Bachelor only)
Application Period PhD:
Tick “yes” in the online degree application system and upload the Consent Form signed by future advisor to the online application system before application due date.(You need to find an advisor by yourself, searching possible advisor(s) on department’s website and email them.)

Bachelor & Master:
Tick “yes” in the online degree application system
Apply and submit required documents at OIA’s notification

1) Fall semester enrolled students: around mid March (official notice will be placed on the latest news)

2) Spring semester enrolled students: around late September (official notice will be placed on the latest news)

*Students in extended study period cannot apply.
Documents needed for application See above Online Application - NSYSU Scholarship Application System-  
  • Master’s students : Overall GPA 3.38 or 80%
  • Bachelor’s students : Over all GPA 2.44 or 70% ; At least 9 credits finished in previous semester.
  • One official transcript in Chinese (Administrative Building 6F, Office of Academic Affairs)
  • One recommendation letter
  • Post office passbook copy
  • Other supplemental documents (optional)


  1. “Extended study” refers to the student who is in 5th year of Bachelors or 3rd year of Masters.
  2. Those who are admitted through International Exchange Student Program or Dual Degree Program cannot apply for this scholarship.
  3. Students with full-time job status, working ARC, and permanent residence are not eligible for this scholarship.
  4. The scholarship will be cancelled if one cannot register for enrollment at NSYSU before the required deadline (new students).
  5. Stipends do not include any fee waivers and Fall intake students are paid on 20th every month from August to July.

※Fall intake Freshman are paid from September to July※
Spring intake students are paid from February to January.
However, August to September and February stipends are paid along with stipends in next month due to unavoidable registration process.

Awardee Note!

  1. If one is abroad due to short-term exchange or other academic purposes, the scholarship will be discontinued during being abroad and there will be no extension of the scholarship status period.
  2. Once registration is completed, excluding winter and summer breaks, if awardee is absent from the school for over a month, one’s scholarship will be discontinued for the absent month. If awardee is absent for 2 consecutive months, the scholarship will be cancelled. If the absence is due to special occasions, the student should actively provide related documents to OIA for scholarship recovery approval.
  3. If one applies admission deferral or temporary leave (suspension), the scholarship will be automatically cancelled.
  4. For PhD awardees, the scholarship will be cancelled due to change of advisor.
  5. If one is with full-time job status, working ARC, permanent residence and the event was verified, the scholarship will be automatically cancelled.
  6. If one violates any NSYSU school regulations and receive admonitions or demerits, the scholarship will be automatically cancelled starting from the next month of the happening affair.
  7. If new students as awardees register for enrollment after the semester starting day, fall semester enrolled ones will not receive September scholarship; spring semester enrolled ones will not receive February scholarship.
  8. If new students as awardees register for enrollment in the next month of the semester starting month and the date is over 15th, the scholarship will not be delivered at the extant month.
  9. If one’s graduation, temporary leave (suspension), or dropout occurs over the 15th of the extant month, scholarship will be delivered in full amount.