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Incoming Visiting Students

Students who wish to apply through the NSYSU Visiting Program must be enrolled in their home university while attending NSYSU. The visit must not exceed 180 days.

Short-term Visit for Research or Internship (Bachelor/Master/Ph.D.)

Students who are accepted by one of the NSYSU professors to undertake an internship/research collaboration at NSYSU.

Short-term Visit for Research Collaboration & Thesis Writing (Master/Ph.D.)

Graduate students who are accepted by one of the NSYSU professors to undertake a research collaboration at NSYSU for completing one’s thesis.



Administrative Fee

According to “National Sun Yat-sen University Regulations Regarding Visiting Students (Inbound) Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” passed by the 5th Administrative Meeting of Semester 1, the School Year 2013 (Oct 30, 2013)

* * Article 7: All Visiting Students (except for Exchange Students nominated by partner universities) shall pay an Administrative Fee of NTD3,000(USD 100) to NSYSU.

The fee should be paid upon application and it is not refundable if the student fails to join the visiting program. 


Payment Instruction & System >>>


Miscellaneous and Other Fees

Miscellaneous fees will be charged per the enrolled period of the student.

The fees should be paid in cash upon registration.

- 30 Days or Less: waived. 

- 31 to 60 Days: 1/3 miscellaneous fees. 

- More Than 60 Days: full miscellaneous fees.

*Master & PhD students should refer to the Tuition & Fees below:


Latest Tuition & Fees Standard>>>


Other Fees

The fees should be paid in cash upon registration.

- NSYSU Group Insurance Fee: NT$326 (charge per the enrolled period)

- Internet Fee: NT$300


Estimated living cost per month (exclude housing): NTD 12,000-13,000 ( USD 375-407)

Meals: NTD 7,000-9,000

Transportation: NTD 500-1,500

Textbook (per semester): NTD 5,000

*The estimation is the average spending of a typical student attending NSYSU. 

*USD is subject to change due to the exchange rate



Fees (per semester)

Visiting Students

Administrative Fee

NTD3,000  USD100

One-time payment



Miscellaneous Fee

Approx. NTD14,480-26,800  USD447-827


Internet Fee

NTD300  USD10


NSYSU Student Group Insurance Fee

NTD326  USD11


Health and Accident Insurance

One of the registration requirements. Students should purchase them before coming to Taiwan.


Health Examination Certificate

One of the registration requirements. Students should complete it before coming to Taiwan.

It is required for students to stay for 90 days or more.



On-campus Housing - Starting from April 2024, this option is no longer available for visiting students.

Off-campus Housing Resources

  1. Formosa Rent House The rental properties listed on this page have all been screened by colleagues from the Office of General Affairs to ensure compliance with safety regulations. However, most contacts listed on this page are phone numbers.
  2. Students can also refer to these websites recommended by our former exchange students for off-campus housing:

     *NSYSU does not guarantee the quality and safety of rentals on these sources.