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Step 1: Confirm Your Study Status and Application Process

Visiting students must be enrolled in their home university while attending NSYSU. They will also need to be accepted by one of the NSYSU professors to undertake an internship/research collaboration at NSYSU for less than 180 days.


Visiting Students with Visa Exempt Permission

Students who are eligible for visa-exempt entry to Taiwan and will not stay over the exemption period.

Further Info about Visa Exempt Entry>>>


Visiting Students with Visa Requirements

Short-term Visit for Research or Internship (Bachelor/Master/Ph.D.)

Students who are not eligible for visa-exempt entry to Taiwan or those who will stay over the visa-exemption duration.

Short-term Visit for Research Collaboration & Thesis Writing (Master/Ph.D.)

Graduate students who are accepted by one of the NSYSU professors to undertake a research collaboration at NSYSU for completing one’s thesis.

They are either not eligible for visa-exempt entry to Taiwan or will stay over the visa-exemption duration.


Step 2: Online Application


Online Application Portal


Application System

Application System


Study Status


  1. Visit for Research or Internship ( Applicants with Visa-exempt Permission or coming through the TEEP Program)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of ID Photo (Headshot with a plain background)
  • A document issued by your home university to certify your enrollment status and their notice of your internship application
  • Administration Fee Payment Receipt (TEEP Applicants do not need to pay for the Administration Fee.)
  1. Visit for Research or Internship (Bachelor/Master/Ph.D.) ( Applicants with Visa Requirement )
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of ID Photo (Headshot with a plain background)
  • Study Plan
  • A statement from your home university indicating your enrollment status and the internship program is part of your course/graduation requirement   
  • Administration Fee Payment Receipt
  1. Visit for Thesis Writing and Research (Master/Ph.D.) ( Applicants with Visa Requirement )
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of ID Photo (Headshot with a plain background)
  • Enrollment Certificate or Valid Student ID Card
  • Proof of Research Collaboration
  • Administration Fee Payment Receipt


Administration Fee Payment Instructions>>>

*** Send an email to oia.exchange@mail.nsysu.edu.tw after completing the application. It'll take 3-5 workdays for the review process. ***

Step 3: VISA / Travel Insurance / Medical Examination



All students with visa requirements should apply for a visa after receiving the Letter of Acceptance and Approval Letter from the Ministry of Education.


Requirements for Visitor Visa Application: https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-158-4342-a78b4-2.html

We urge all students not to make any financial commitments, travel, or accommodation plans before receiving a visa. If they wish to purchase flight tickets in advance, they should book flexible tickets.


Travel Insurance

Students are required to purchase overseas travel insurance with medical and accident policies which cover the whole duration of their stay in Taiwan. The insurance plan in the English version must be submitted upon registration.


Medical Examination

All visiting students who will stay over 90 days are required to complete medical examinations before coming to Taiwan.

Duration of stay between 90-180 days: Health Examination Form C

Duration of stay between 180-360 days: Health Examination Form B

A copy of the medical form must be submitted upon registration.


For further information about pre-arrival preparation, please refer to Current Students > Visiting Students.