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Students should complete the leaving procedures form in order and visit every designated location.

The leaving procedures must be completed within 3 days before students leave the campus, or else the transcripts will not be sent to their home universities.





Visit Your Dept./Institute and College


Your Dept./Institute Office and College Office

Visit the Library to Return Books and/or Pay for the Overdue Fine

The books you borrowed from the library (if any).

Front Desk, 3F of Library

Visit the Vehicle Management Committee to Return Bike and/or Pay for the Fine

The bike you borrowed from the VMC (if any).

Vehicle Management Committee, 1F, Back of the Administration Building

Visit 2 Dorm Offices for Check-out Procedure

Pay for the electricity fee and 200NTD deposit to keep the key with you until moving out.

The Responsible Dorm Office of Your Dorm Room

Visit the Dorm Service Center to Register Your Check-out Date

Dorm Service Center

2F, Dorm A, Tsui-heng Village

Visit the Office of International Affairs

Complete the Online Questionnaire


Provide 2 Pictures of Your Exchange Life  to the OIA Coordinator

Office of International Affairs

Room2004, 2F, Administration Building

The Office of International Affairs will take the leaving form from here and forward it to the Registration & Curriculum Division.


Feeling not clear enough? Check the Instructions here: Download