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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa holders who are permitted to stay in Taiwan for sixty or ninety days and whose visas bear no such remark as "no extension will be granted" may apply at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency for a maximum of 120 or 90 days of extensions.

Please ask for an Enrollment Certificate from the OIA coordinator 2 weeks before the 60/90 days of validation is due. Bring it along with a filled application form and your passport to the Immigration Agency Kaohsiung City First Service Center to apply for an extension.

Processing time: Half of a day

Charge: Free



Travel Insurance

You are required to purchase overseas travel insurance with medical care and accident policies which cover the whole duration of your stay in Taiwan. The insurance plan in the English version must be submitted upon registration.


Student Group Insurance

It is mandatory for all NSYSU students to purchase Student Group Insurance. The fee is NTD326 per semester and it mainly covers accidents.


Requirements for Student Group Insurance Reimbursement Application:

  • Payment Receipts with Hospital/Clinic Stamps
  • A Diagnosis Certificate in Chinese
  • Copy of your passport
  • Receipt of the Student Group Insurance


Health Care

Campus Clinic

NSYSU Family Medicine Clinic is right next to the Post Office on campus. A registration fee will be charged when you check-in at the clinic.

Other fees will be charged in accordance with the treatment at each appointment.

Please present your student ID card and NHI card (if any) at each appointment.

Click here for the clinic opening hours. 



You can make an appointment by completing the online form.


Off-campus Health Care Resources & Emergency Contact