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1.       During the application period, please fill in the online application form and download and prepare the list of documents for review and the study plan. Print out all documents and submit them with other relevant documents to the Office of International Affairs before the deadline. Documents to be submitted include

(1)     application form,
(2)     checklist,
(3)     transcript of grades of all semesters,
(4)     language certificate(s),
(5)     other supporting documents (including proofs of evidence),
(6)     study plan, and
(7)      exchange destination preference form.

2.       The preliminary admission roster will be announced after the initial review of documents by the review committee and the second review by the “Exchange Student Review Committee.”

3.       The admitted students must submit either the "Admission Consent Letter" or the "Resignation Letter" before the deadline. Vacancies will be filled by candidates on the waiting list before the announcement of the final admission roster.

4.       Students on the final admission roster must submit the “Parental Consent Letter” before the deadline. The Office of International Affairs will accordingly make the nomination to exchange universities.

5.       The OIA will notify all nominated students to prepare applications to be submitted to exchange universities and hold pre-departure orientation sessions in Apr-Jun/Sep-Nov to prepare students for exchange.


       Transcripts of grades of all semesters (Please apply to the Office of Academic Affairs)

-       Freshman student: Submit the transcript of all high school years (must indicate the class ranking of the last academic year).

-       First-year master's student: Submit the transcript of all undergraduate years (must indicate the class ranking of the last academic year).

       Language proficiency certificates
-       Applicants who fail to submit language certificate(s) are ineligible for the program.
-       Only the following English-language certificates are accepted:  (1) TOEFL-iBT, (2) IELTS, (3) TOEIC
-       Some exchange universities require other language certificates, e.g., Japanese/French/German/Spanish/Russian.


       Before filling out the form, please check the information on the exchange programs and the course information of the respective exchange university's website. Please be sure it is relevant to your current major/minor to avoid rejection of the application or unavailability of courses during the exchange

       Students who do not meet the requirements of the exchange universities (e.g., the language proficiency or GPA) CAN NOT list the universities on the Exchange Destination Preference Form.

       University-level exchange universities are open to students from all colleges. College/Department/Institute-level exchange universities are open for students of the College/Department/Institute (or students with a double major in the said field).

       After submitting the Exchange Destination Preference Form, students cannot request to modify the
1.       order of preference,
2.       exchange duration (one semester/one academic year), or
3.       time of departure (September in the First Semester/February in the Second Semester).

Please take serious consideration when filling the Form