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Admission Information
The Office of International Affairs works with the Office of Academic Affairs to provide information on student recruitment. The OIA also offers consultation services on admission, resources, and the environment of NSYSU and provides support to overseas compatriot students with financial aid, scholarship, extracurricular activities, and consultations. 
Admission Channels:
1. NSYSU Individual Student Recruitment:
Please refer to the webpage of the Office of Academic Affairs for the information on student recruitment: 
2. Individual Application through UECOCS:
From October to November every year, submit an online application on the website of the University Entrance Committee of Overseas Chinese Students (UECOCS).
3. Joint Assignment through UECOCS:
Application dates differ according to the students’ origin of residence. Refer to the website of the University Entrance Committee of Overseas Chinese Students (UECOCS). https://cmn-hant.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/


Orientation Program
Before the semester begins, the OIA takes the initiative to contact all new students and help arrange airport pick-up and campus dorm reservations. Before enrollment, we hold an orientation program to better prepare students for life in NSYSU and Taiwan. The orientation introduces university facilities and guidelines as well as government policy regarding overseas compatriot students. It also provides guidance on the application of Alien Residence Certification (ARC), health check, enrollment, submission of personal information and questionnaire survey, and online course selection. The work and service of NSYSU Overseas Compatriot Students Association (OCSA) and its leaders are also introduced at the orientation.
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