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Financial Aid and Scholarship

Financial Aid (for undergraduate students)
The Ministry of Education provides financial aid to support overseas compatriot students of low-income families to complete their university education. Students can apply for the aid by submitting an official financial statement, low-income certificate, and the transcript from the previous academic year to the OIA. Every academic year, the OIA forms a committee to review the applications. Once approved, the applicants will receive monthly stipends for a year. The amount of stipend varies from year to year according to the budget of the MOE (a monthly stipend in 2020 is NTD$3,000).
Scholarship (for master's and doctoral students)
The Ministry of Education provides scholarships to outstanding overseas compatriot graduate students. Every semester, students should submit applications within two weeks after the enrollment date to the Division of Overseas and International Degree Student Affairs, Office of International Affairs. Every academic year, one out of every five students will be granted NTD$10,000 per month for a semester (six months). Recipients of the previous semester are not eligible to apply. 


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