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Living and Academic Support

Host Family Program
To promote international cultural exchanges and for all overseas students to experience local family life, we invite our faculty and staff to be host families. The host families are expected to stay in contact with the students and, from time to time, invite them to their homes or gatherings, especially at festivals. In the academic year 2019, 61 families and 159 overseas compatriots, Mainland Chinese, and international students joined the program. We try our best to arrange for the professors or instructors of the student’s department to serve as host families in the hope of helping the students with their learning and studies.
Tutoring and Summer Courses
The OIA pays attention to the students' learning and assists students when encountering difficulties in their studies. We offer tutoring programs on fundamental courses and work with the Office of Academic Affairs to open summer courses. Tutoring programs and summer courses are organized according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education.
Overseas Compatriot Students Association (OCSA)
The Overseas Compatriot Students Association (OCSA) holds various activities to help build friendships between overseas compatriot students and promote the spirit of mutual assistance. The OCSA structures with clear duty assignments among the Care Unit, Sports Unit, Publication Unit, and Relief Funds Committee. It values the solidarity and harmony between different regions and strives for the benefit of all members.
The operation and activities of the OCSA are under the supervision of the OIA. The OIA also provides consultation in strengthening the teamwork between members, training the leaders’ communication and coordination skills, building activity archives, and passing on the experiences and legacies.
In addition to NSYSU group insurance, overseas compatriot students will sign up for National Health Insurance (NHI) in Taiwan. The OIA helps students with the process of application/cancellation of NHI and NHI IC cards per the regulations of the Overseas Community Affairs Council and National Health Insurance Administration, the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The OIA collects and shares the latest health information in the university and Taiwan with all overseas students and ensures they are well informed of their rights in health insurance.


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