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• Students are expected to be diligent in attending classes. However, in cases the student is sick or needs to attend to personal matters, he/she must fill out the “Notification of Absence” form to be excused from class(es).

•“Notification of Absence” may be completed online. Please find the instructions here.

• Notification of Absence for personal reasons should be submitted prior to the date of absence. In case the student cannot process the form in advance, a maximum of 2days will be extended; in case of the absence due to sickness, he/she can file the form upon return within 3 days.

• Notification of Absence for Academic-related activities/events should be submitted in advance. Verification from the related department(s) is necessary.

• Any student who has been absent for more than one-third (1/3) of the total class hours will be notified and referred to his/her department/institute office and home university and the student’s grades will be influenced.

• For exchange students who leave the university before the end of the semester, written approval must be obtained from each lecturer. To students who leave the university without written approval, their grades will not be given.