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There are numerous benefits to living on campus, such as meeting new friends, learning new cultures & languages, and many many more.

You can find more information about our dorms on the website of the Dorm Service Center.


Information & Regulation

Facilities of Dormitories

• Each room is equipped with a bed, study desk, cabinets, and chair. Personal beddings are not provided but are available for purchase on-/off-campus.

• Toilet and bathroom facilities are available on each floor.

• International Village: Each common area is equipped with a refrigerator, water dispenser (hot & cold), microwave, and washing sink.


Each resident is held responsible for maintaining cleanliness inside his or her room as well as any disorder or garbage produced in the common areas.

• Dormitory Service Office assigns cleaning personnel to each building who ensures general maintenance of the toilet and bathroom facilities, common areas, and hallways.

• Each resident needs to properly dispose of personal