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   Exchange Students      

Please refer to the Exchange students' page for Leaving Procedures.


      Degree Students      

For graduate students, the leaving procedure form can be obtained from one of the 2 places: library 3F or Registration Division.

For undergraduate students, please log in to the graduation system ( and check with the representative department/offices if there is any red sign.

Step 1

• Instruction: Log in to the student information system and fill in two questionnaires online (https://goo.gl/4nTwtK)

• Master and Ph.D. students have to upload the thesis to the Thesis website (https://goo.gl/PoAsju)

Step 2

• Location: Department/ Institute Office

• Instruction: Receive the clearance stamp

Step 3 (For master & Ph.D. students ONLY)

• Instruction: Meet your instructor and receive the clearance stamp

Step 4

• Location: Library

• Instruction: Return all borrowed books and pay all overdue fines (if any) to receive the clearance stamp. Master and Ph.D. students need to submit a copy of their theses.

Step 5

• Location: Office of International Affairs (AD1006)

• Instruction: Receive the clearance stamp and inform OIA to withdraw health insurance in Taiwan.

Step 6

• Location: Registration Division at Office of Academic Affairs (AD6008)

• Instruction: Students can logo into the graduation system ( and check the latest status via the system. Bring the leaving procedure sheet, student ID. Master and Ph.D. students should bring a copy of their theses.