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Kaohsiung City is located on the southern coast of Taiwan. The city was declared a Specialized Municipality in July 1979. Known as the “Port City” in Southern Taiwan for its largest commercial harbor that ranks thirteenth in the world, Kaohsiung city has 38 administrative districts with approximately 2,9 Million in population.

Located in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the country’s 3rd largest city

The city enjoys an average monthly temperature of 25.1°C. With its relatively constant warm weather, outdoor activities can be carried out all year round, making Kaohsiung the best city for outdoor activities lovers.

The city was known for its heavy and manufacturing industry such as shipbuilding, steel, and petroleum refining. However, over the past few decades, Kaohsiung has undergone significant changes and become one of the most enjoyable cities in Taiwan. With the improvement of public transportation and infrastructure, the cityscape has been transformed where locals and visitors are able to experience both traditional and contemporary cultures.

As an island surrounded by waters, Taiwan is gifted with freshly harvested seafood at any time, and Kaohsiung as a harbor city is particularly famous for its seafood cuisine. Cultural buses and harbor cruises are the alternative ways to experience Kaohsiung, providing visitors an easy and convenient way to understand local cultures and histories in depth.


    Getting Around Kaohsiung    

The convenient MRT or so-called metro in Kaohsiung, together with the metropolitan areas’ bus route networks, forms a convenient transportation system. You may take the metro, bus, and ferries to travel around the city.

From NSYSU Campus to Taiwan High-Speed Rail Zuoying Station

MRT Line:

Start your journey from Orange Line MRT Sizihwan Station (O1), and then transfer at MRT Formosa Boulevard Station (R10/O5) to Red Line MRT Zuoying Station (R16).

Bus Line:

Start your journey from the bus stop at National Sun Yat-sen University, and then get on the bus E05 West Express Line bound for the terminal stop Taiwan High-Speed Rail Zuoying Station.

From NSYSU Campus to Kaohsiung International Airport

    Start your journey from Orange Line MRT Sizihwan Station (O1), and then transfer at MRT Formosa Boulevard Station (R10/O5) to Red Line MRT Kaohsiung International Airport Station (R4).

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